Smyths Catalogue Pages


We were given a lot of freedom to push the boundaries on the page styling for some brands in the 2019 Smyths catalogue. 

Fisher-Price pages had previously been crowded with call outs and inset images, and they always used a teal background. But I wanted to create something cleaner and easier for parents to shop, so I researched editorial layouts to give the brand a fresh look. 

I used bold handwritten typography alongside beautiful lifestyle imagery, and coloured boxes to separate the pages, to create a vastly new look for the brand, which they were very happy with.

Project completed while working at Oakwood Agency, Bristol.

sketch mock up.jpg

The Our Generation pages required a photoshoot which I helped art direct, to ensure we had all the products photographed at the correct angles to place them into scenes. We also outsourced the backgrounds to a CGI company, and then brought it all together in-house. 

I colour corrected and retouched all the raw images from the photoshoot, and the backgrounds, to bring them in line with the style and colour scheme we wanted. 

Project completed while working at Oakwood Agency, Bristol.